Mission statement










Our company’s strategy is to continually develop new solutions, applications and products. We create and nurture creative and innovative atmosphere in the company with the aim of maintaining effectiveness and continually improving processes and increasing employee motivation.

We build solid, impartial and respectful relationships with our customers, business partners, and social environment by paying attention to their wishes, requests and expectations.

Equipment built by Optotek is in use on all continents of the world, including instrumentation installed at the South Pole Station, Antarctica.

Technologies and services

Optotek specializes in developing innovative optical and laser solutions and technologies for applications in medicine and life environmental. Our strong interaction between research, engineering and marketing enables us to develop new products to meet the emerging needs of the marketplace. Our ISO certified facility (ISO 13485), technical support and competitive approach culminate in combination of quality, performance and high end user value.

Over the years Optotek has developed and produced a range of custom made (OEM) laser systems, assemblies and sub-assemblies. Please contact Optotek and a team of laser experts will assist you to meet your specifications. For more information please visit